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Cloud Kitchen or Ghost Kitchen – How to start yourself?

Before setting the platform to start, we want to tell you Cloud Kitchen is the new trend. Most probably, It is going to replace the old versions of the local restaurant.  

Considering the high rentals and the undeniably diminishing margins, restaurant administrators are presently quitting the restaurant’s traditional concept. They are moving towards a new trend, the Cloud Kitchen concept, which is monetarily gainful and need of the time in India. 

What is Cloud Kitchen or Ghost Kitchen?

Cloud Kitchen is a new concept for the restaurant that offers no feast in the office. Cloud Kitchens acknowledge orders on the web or through the phone. They fundamentally depend on online food aggregators, for example, Swiggy, zomato, or potential sites or versatile applications to acknowledge online requests. 

There are different Cloud Kitchen standards in India that have different ways to serve food to their customers; we will introduce you to all kinds of different Cloud Kitchens.

Virtual Restaurants 

A virtual restaurant is a brand that works from inside a current restaurant. These brands are just recorded on the online food aggregators and use the current restaurant’s kitchen foundation and assets, simply under an alternate brand name.

The virtual brand offers an alternate menu from the fundamental restaurant and can be an extraordinary method to try different things with another cooking, which might be altogether different from what the setup restaurant is known for.

Single Brand Cloud Kitchens 

A single brand Cloud Kitchen works under a solitary subject and idea. It ordinarily offers 1 or 2 cooking styles and has a little menu with 10 to 15 menu things. A single Cloud Kitchen is around 300 Sq Ft in size. 

Multi-brand Cloud Kitchens 

The Cloud Kitchen business model gives restaurateurs the adaptability to dispatch numerous brands and gives simple roads to business development. 

A multi-brand Cloud Kitchen is a huge kitchen foundation where numerous brands of similar organizations can work from, utilizing similar hardware and assets. These brands are cooking explicit, satisfying an alternate client need, and taking into account diverse Target Groups.  

The multi-brand Cloud Kitchen model empowers organizations to oblige a more extensive crowd and offer more to existing clients. Likewise, various postings on the aggregators give the organization better crowd infiltration, empowering them to connect with a more extensive client base. 

Co-working Kitchen Spaces 

A cooperating Cloud Kitchen space, otherwise called shared kitchen space, supermarket kitchen, and so on., is an enormous kitchen framework, which numerous restaurant brands can lease and involve and run activities. 

These kitchen spaces have singular kitchen units for each brand, fitted with the fundamental gear and utilities. These kitchens are again situated in vital areas with a high client request, particularly for explicit cooking styles.  

Aggregator Managed Cloud Kitchens 

Aggregator Cloud Kitchens are huge cooperating kitchen spaces oversaw by the online food aggregators. The aggregators welcome their top restaurant accomplices to plan nourishment for conveyance just from these kitchen spaces. 

Operator Managed Cloud Kitchens 

In an administrator oversaw Cloud Kitchen, the kitchen administrator runs the tasks of existing or forthcoming restaurant brands for their benefit. The brands are recorded independently on online food aggregators and can likewise get orders from the Cloud Kitchen administrator’s local food requesting site application or call center. 

All tasks, directly from tolerating the request on the web and setting it up to getting it conveyed through outsider coordinations, are dealt with by the administrator.

How to start a Cloud Kitchen from Home? 

Here I’m listing you the various steps required to start a cloud kitchen business from home.


Getting the correct licenses and confirmation is important for opening a Cloud Kitchen as a result of a few reasons. To begin with, having the licenses set up would spare you from the lawful issues. 

Second, since clients can’t visit the outlet and check for the cleanliness, sanitation, and planning themselves, having appropriate licenses gives them a feeling of fulfillment. You can advance these on your site and in your advertising efforts to give your clients affirmation that the food arranged by you is of high caliber. 

Area and property 

Fortunately, Cloud Kitchen don’t need a huge region in view of it can without much of a stretch, be secured into right around 2 to 400 square feet room; you don’t need of appropriate space to open an outside restaurant; however, you should have some please property where you can begin your kitchen from where you will convey the food to all over the city.  


Since there is no Front of the House, you needn’t bother with many individuals in your Cloud Kitchen. You can, without much of a stretch, open a Cloud Kitchen with almost five individuals who’d be centered around planning and conveying the food. 

In the event that you have numerous brands working from a similar kitchen, a similar gourmet specialist can get ready nourishment for various brands. It is easily possible to begin with, a little group, and you can employ more staff when the approaching request volumes increment.

Kitchen Equipment and Packaging 

The kitchen gear thoroughly relies upon the cooking you are serving. The essential hardware expected to begin a Cloud Kitchen is – oven and stove, cooler, cutting counters, blades, and so forth. Here is a finished rundown of kitchen equipment that you’d require for maintaining a food conveyance business. 

Packaging really matters a lot when it comes to delivering food. Everybody is strict about hygiene, so we must take care of hygiene while packaging the food.

How to Start promoting your Cloud Kitchen Products? 

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Posting Your Cloud Kitchen On Online Food Aggregators 

Since online food aggregators and commercial center as of now have your intended interest group, posting your Cloud Kitchen on the stages gets basic. You’ll need to go to these aggregators’ sites and present a request for enlistment. When you have presented your restaurant subtleties, a delegate from these stages will connect with you for the confirmation.  

Advancing Your Cloud Kitchen On Online Aggregators 

For another business, Paid Marketing is fundamental in any event in the underlying days. Natural and verbal promoting set aside some effort to spread brand mindfulness. Hence, Paid Marketing is basic since you have to create a business from day 1.

Social Media Marketing 

It is a smart thought to zero in via web-based media advertising directly from the underlying days. Guarantee that you have a business page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and that you post tempting photos of your food, advancements, and so on, routinely. 

Utilize significant hashtags to connect with more individuals. You can likewise utilize client created content for better commitment with your image. 

Search Engine Optimization for your Cloud Kitchen

Just having a restaurant site would not bring about online requests. You have to guarantee that your site positions for the correct catchphrases and expressions when a potential client looks for them on Google. 

Furthermore, this is why you have to guarantee that you have a portable improved site that has also been very much upgraded for Search Engines. Here are the means by which you can do SEO for your Cloud Kitchen the correct way. 


Cloud Kitchens are considered as low speculation.

They are generally safe.

Great Profit.

The expenses of setting up a Cloud Kitchen is essentially less when contrasted with a conventional feast in or takeaway restaurant. 

The Cloud Kitchen business furnishes restaurateurs with the chance to explore different avenues regarding various ideas and arrangements, which has thus, brought forth the new Cloud Kitchen concept.


cloud kitchen

Your admittance to your clients is through the web-based requesting foundation of food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy. You need to play by their principles, and they will change the standards to suit them.

You won’t know your client since the food distributor will be in the center who will acknowledge and convey the requests.

Final Words

If you’re reading this line, you must surely come to know about how you can start a virtual kitchen business. The food business is a centuries-old business and has a lot of attraction irrespective of age. However, shifting from one medium to another according to the times is also not a bad idea to make the business going.

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