Coding – Can our Future Generation adopt this Technology

Today, the internet has changed the way we used to be a decade years ago. Adopting ourselves towards this online trend for a self-sustaining life is the most needed ingredient in this technology-driven era. If we compare ourselves to other developed countries like the U.S, Japan, Russia, etc. the online-based coding skill we’ve is far behind from them. That is the main reason why most of the development of online-based technology happened in those countries only.

I think it is a thousand times better to start something rather than sitting idle and keep scrolling your finger on your mobile.

If you’re reading this line, I bet you’re one of them who want to be an independent, self-sustaining, and free from debts. In this short, yet powerful piece of article I want to convey to you the methods that we still can adopt for a better and wealthy Manipur (This is my opinion and it may vary from one person to another, so don’t be too sentimental guys).

The Beginning of the Social Media Era – The Spoiler


I still remember those days I used to run to the cyber cafe just for browsing the internet and watching the scrapbook on Orkut. There were no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and Orkut was the synonyms of social media (just according to me, and there might have some different versions for you). The cyber cafe uncle (a South- Indian guy, in Coimbatore) would charge me Rupees Twenty per hour, and I had to manage all my browsing within those minutes. During that time the speed of the internet was also awful.

Since then there have been a lot of changes happened in this Social media arena. Many platforms come and go and I didn’t regret it for once as it is the journey of technology and it is inevitable. The popular Charles Darwin theory of “The survival of the fittest” applies to all. Now, it is the time of Facebook (a giant social media platform) that we never think of to become the biggest one.

Some day this Facebook may also get replaced and it could be anyone who knows the online trends.

What did I learn from the above boring lines?

The sky is not the limit“, the technology we’ve today will become old and obsolete. The one who never quit, keep motivating, learning, and know the online trends will shine.

There is no barrier to learning irrespective of the place you stay and live. It totally depends on you and nowadays there is no shortage of learning materials. Every day while scrolling on the social media page you might have come across the word coding if ain’t wrong. Coding is simply a process of programming in such a way to create various apps or web-based technology.

With the help of this coding, you can easily translate or present your dreams in this technology-driven world. The real-life instance is the founder and CEO of Facebook “Mark Zuckerberg” the self-made multi-billionaire, who turned his ideas into reality.

Is it possible to learn coding or programming in our state also?

If you’ve got the worm of coding and learning inside you then, no one will stop you from becoming the next Zuckerberg. In my opinion, a state like Manipur where everything from rice to edible salt depends on other states, coding, and development of web-based technology is the best alternative for future generations. You don’t have to invest big money to start learning. Nowadays, everyone has access to the internet and it won’t be a question mark to find the learning materials. Many online classes have also been started and can take the opportunity right away from the cozy home.

Need to be started from the grass-root level

In this dynamic and technology-driven times, we need to do everything right from the grass-root level. Today’s generation is lucky enough to have all these computers, laptops, mobiles, drones, etc. at their fingertips.

You won’t believe me that, I saw the first computer in my life when I was in the 4th standard. That was also a black and white window 95 OS PC. We had to remove our shoes and stand in the long queue waiting for our turn to come.

We can easily start this process by including coding subjects as compulsory to let them learn from the tender age. This is the phase of life where new things learn at a very fast pace. So, giving them some portion of coding knowledge step-by-step can lead to a big change in the years to come.

A fine example is a boy named Baldeep Ningthoujam who developed a mobile game “COROBOI” amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He is just a 9th standard student and using his coding skill he developed the game with some assistance from his uncle. Whatever it is, he has the skill to code and transforms his vision into reality. This is just the beginning, and many more to come in the near future. Not only the game, but this boy is also promoting our traditional “Leirum Phee” and helps in spreading awareness about our culture.

Final words

Now the time has come to change what we used to and have to dance according to the music. If we water the plant right from the sapling in a proper and at the right time, surely we’ll get the fruits in time. Manipur is such a place in the earth, where the people live in peace and harmony with full co-operation (I think so) irrespective of caste and creed since the time immemorial.

So, it won’t be a hard step to add some essence of technology to our growing generation to become a self-sustaining one. In the years to come, neither building of new railway tracks nor the expansion of the airport won’t change the economic structure of Manipur. Only those who foreseen the height of technology can change the status of Manipur.

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