ECHS (Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme)-Know the details

What is ECHS?

ECHS (Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme) is an exclusive health scheme financed by the government of India for ex-servicemen and pensioners & their eligible dependents. This health scheme was authorized by the Government of India on 30 Dec 2002 and launched on 01 April 2003. Under this health scheme, those retired armed forces personnel till 2002 could avail of the medical facilities provided by this scheme. Medical facilities include specific high-cost surgery/treatment for a limited number of diseases covered under the Army Group Insurance (Medical Branch Scheme) (AGI(MBS)) and Armed Forces Group Insurance Scheme (Management Information System) (AFGIS (MIS)) schemes.

Before It was introduced Ex-servicemen pensioners and their dependents were only entitled to treatment in service hospitals only. Now, under this health scheme, they are authorized for treatment not only in service hospitals but also in those civil/private hospitals which are specified by the ECHS.

How many types of ECHS polyclinic are there?

There are five types of ECHS Polyclinics i.e. Type ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ D, & E. At present, there are 427 Polyclinics across 28 regional centers which are sanctioned by the government.

Who are Eligible to Become an ECHS member?

ECHS health scheme provides medical service to all ESM (Ex-Service Man) pensioners. This scheme covers disability and family pensioners and their dependents, which includes wife/husband, legitimate children, and wholly dependent parents.

The following two points are compulsory for a person to be eligible for membership.

(a) Individual should have an Ex-serviceman status.
(b) Individual should be in receipt of Pension / Family Pension / Disability Pension
drawn from Controller of Defence Account.

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What are the Benefits of becoming an Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme member?

There are various benefits available once an individual becomes a member of ECHS. Some of the benefits are enumerated as follows:-

  • Once enrolled for ECHS there is no age limit or medical condition bar.
  • One time contribution ranges from Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 60,000/- depending upon the grade pay. This contribution is valid for a lifetime.
  • There is a provision of reimbursement at CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) rates if the treatment is done in a non-impaneled facility by an ECHS member.
  • There is no monetary ceiling on treatment.
  • Facilities of indoor or outdoor treatment, tests, and medicines.
  • This scheme covers all spoused and all eligible dependents.

Those War widows, Pre-1996 retirees, and battle causalities are freed from paying the
contribution. Under this scheme, no short service commissioned officers aren’t entitled to avail of this health scheme, unless they’re a battle casualty and drawing a disability pension. The family and dependent members are entitled to avail of the facilities in case the ECHS member deceased. Their names must be included in the Discharge Book of the ECHS member and the income should be less than Rs. 9,000/- excluding DA as of the date of consideration.

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FAQs for Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme

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