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Introduction to Education S Manipur

The Department of Education (S) Manipur is one of the major departments of the Government of Manipur. Education S Manipur is the backbone of education in the state and it looks after the school education in the state.

Education (s) Manipur is led by the Hon’ble Minister of Education as the head of the administration. At present, Shri Th. Kirankumar, IAS is the director of the Education (S) Manipur, and Vineet Joshi, IAS is the Principal Secretary.

In which year Education (S) Manipur was introduced?

As per the data available on the official webpage of Education (S) Manipur,, the Education Department of Manipur dates back to 1903. Rev. Pettigrew was the first honorary Inspector of schools under the Education Department of Assam. There was no separate Department of Education in Manipur, prior to 1950. A Separate Education Department of Manipur was formed on 20 Jan 1950. Shri T. Kipgen was the first Asst. Secretary of the Education Department of Manipur.

How many categories are there in the Education Department of Manipur?

As of now, the Education Department of Manipur has been divided into four different categories.

  • Department of Education in regards to (University and Higher Education)
  • Department of Education (S) Manipur
  • State Council of Educational Research and Training, Government of Manipur and
  • Department of Adult Education.

What are the various Schemes being implemented under the Department of Education (S) Manipur?

From time to time there are various schemes related to education are being launched in India with the aim of reaching those facilities thus provided to the impoverished section of the society. In Manipur also, the Department of Education (S) Manipur has introduced various schemes in collaboration with the central government for the welfare of our students. Some of the schemes that are being implemented in Manipur are enumerated as follows:-

Mid Day Meal Scheme

education s manipur

In Manipur, Mid Day Meal (MDM) scheme was started from November 1995 in some schools. However, the scheme was extended to all the primary schools of the state following the directives of the hon’ble Supreme Court dated 20 Apr 2004 in W.P(C) No. 196 of 2001. For upper primary classes MDM was started from 01 Aug 2008. As per the data available in the official website of Education (s) Manipur, a total of 2475 primary scholls, 717 primary schools with upper primary classes and 177 upper primary without primary schools were covered under the MDM Manipur scheme during the financial year 2015-16 (a total of 3369 primary schools).

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)

Education s Manipur

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is a flagship program launched by the government of India in the year 2001, to achieve the Universalisation of Elementary Education (UEE) as mandated by the 86th amendment to the Constitution of India to make free and compulsory Education to the Children of age group 6-14 years, as a Fundamental Right.

Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan(RMSA)

education (s) Manipur

Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) is also one of the main education-related schemes launched by the government of India to enable the maximum access of the students to secondary education and improve its quality. Its main objective is to increase the subscription rate of the students by providing a secondary school within reasonable distance to every home. It also aims to remove gender, disability barriers, improve the socio-economic, and provides universal access to secondary level education.

Model School Scheme

The main purpose of the model school scheme of the Department of the Education (S) Manipur, is to provide quality education to talented rural children of the state. Some of the main objectives of this scheme are as follows:-

  • Aim to set up at least one senior secondary school in every block.
  • To have a pace-setting role
  • To try out some innovative curriculum and teaching.
  • To be a role model in infrastructure, curriculum, evaluation, and school governance.

Girls’ Hostel Scheme

The main purpose of this scheme is to promote girls’ education and to eliminate gender disparity, efforts have been made to bring a larger number of girls to the schools and to retain them. The secondary education stage is the most crucial stage in the life of a student to shape their future to be ready for the world of work. Gender disparities still persist in rural areas especially among the backward classes, Minorities, and other weaver sections. In order to fill up this gap and to reach the goal, the government of India launched this scheme to make girls for the age group from 14-18 years free from any social stigma to pursue their studies.

News on Department of Education (S) Manipur

Department of Education (S) Manipur has issued a notice regarding the extension of the last date for filling up of online submission of the form and other information for the appointment of 923 (nine hundred and twenty-three) Graduate Teachers on a contract basis under the Department of Education(S), Manipur.

Director of Education (S) Manipur, L Nandakumar Singh, has issued a notice vide No: AO/233/AGT/2014(9)-DE(S) dated 04 Feb 2021 in continuation of their Office Notification of even No. dated 23 Jan 2021 pertaining to the engagement of 923(nine hundred and twenty-three) posts of Graduate Teachers(Group C) on a contract basis in the Education(S) Department, Manipur. The last date for Online Submission of Application Forms, relevant Documents, and Registration Fees has been extended from05-02-2021 to 08-02-2021.

You can download the original notice from the official website or follow this link.

Apply here for the said post

Notification regarding the deletion of 3(three) candidates/students from the selected list of Merit Scholarship Scheme, 2020

As per a notice issued by the Additional Director of Education (S) Manipur, Hmangte Lerte Kom on 19 January 21 that 3 (three) candidates/students from the selected list of the Merit Scholarship Scheme, 2O2O has been deleted as per request by the student/person concerned. Download the details of the notice here.

COVID-19 SOP or Guidelines for Health and Safety protocols for Reopening of Schools and Learning with Physical/Social Distancing

The Department of Education (S) Manipur has announced the SOP/Guidelines for reopening of schools. Download or read the full SOP on COVID-19 here.

Notification regarding the online submission of application form in respect of engagement of 120 pre-primary teachers on contract basis in Education (S) Department, Manipur

List of Students who returned home from outside the State – Seeking Permission

Notification for Office Procedure Exam, 2021 at State Academy of Training, Takyelpat

L. Nandakumar Singh, Director of Education (S) Manipur, issued a notice for the office procedure exam, 2021 at the state academy of training, Takyelpat. The content of the notice is described as follows:-

Any group “C” employees who are willing to participate in the said examination may submit an application along with the prescribed nomination form, two copy of passport size photographs, and a copy of valid service identity card to the Senior Research Officer, Room No 3, Directorate of Education (S) Manipur on or before 23 January without any fail.

Download the notice from this link

Officials Contact details of Education (S) Manipur

Commissioner Education (S) Manipur
H. Deleep Singh, IAS

Director of Education Manipur
Shri L. Nandakumar Singh, IAS
Email id:
TEL: 0385-2411013 (O)

Additional Director (Valley):
Shri Bisheshwar Khumukcham, MCS
(Email id:

Additional Director (Hill):
Shri Hmangte Lerte Kom, MCS
(Email id:

Additional Director (Planning)(On deputation to NTA)
Dr. T. Geetchandra Sharma
Email id:

Additional Director (Sc. Promotion)/ NO, Mid-Day-Meal
Shri RK. Tennedy Singh
Email id:

Additional Director (Grievance Cell)
Smt. G. Anita Devi, Padma Shri
Email id:

Administrative Officer
Shri S. David Singh, MCS
Email id:

Chief Finance Officer
Smt. M. Rubina Devi, MFS
Email id:

Senior Finance Officer
Shri Meiringmei Agang Kabui, MFS
Email id:

Senior Research Officer (Training & counselling)
Smt. Ibechaobi Laishram
Email id:

Joint Director
Shri Y. Hemchandra Singh, MES-II
Email id:

Joint Director (Aided)
Shri Xavier Longmei, MES-II
Email id:

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