FAU-G goes live

FAU-G Game Goes live in India on Google Play Store

By InsideManipur.com

FAU-G Game goes Live in India Now. Here is the link for pre-registration. Back in September this year, the BJP-led Modi government banned as many as 118 Chinese-made applications in India including PUBG the most famous online multiplayer battle royale game among the Indian youths which is the short form of Player Unknown Battle Ground. This has given a chance for game developers in India. The new PUBG alternative FAU-G was announced by the Bengaluru-based developer nCore Games and has been developed under the mentorship of Bollywood star Akshay Kumar

FAU-G which is short for Fearless and United Guards is now live in India on Google Play Store with a pre-registration link. Those who are interested can pre-register to be among the first to play the game. As described in the game in the google play store “the battleground of the game seems to be at India’s northern border where an elite fighting group protects the nation’s pride and sovereignty. ” This game can be aptly associated with the bravery, brotherhood, and sacrifice of the Indian Soldiers guarding the Country’s borders. As an alternative to the most addictive battle royale game, PUBG, it is quite sure that FAU-G will also bring you the thrill and adrenaline of a life spent guarding India’s borders.

The wait for FAU-G is not over yet!

For now, the final launching date of FAU-G is not disclosed by the developers but it is expected to launch soon. Meanwhile, the news for the re-launch of PUBG mobile is also in the air but no solid date for coming back. If launch in India again, PUBG mobile will have a different version of India with a set of rules and regulations according to the government of India. Here is the link for the pre-registration of FAU-G.

What is pre-registration means? Will it incur any money to you for registration?

Pre-registrations are like YouTube bell icons. When you subscribe to any channel you’ll get a notification when there is any new video entry on the channel. Just like the same way, you’ll be notified when the game is published and be the first one to try or play it. You’ll also get the option for installing the game automatically. This won’t cost you a single penny unless you buy any items in the game.

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