Full Form of AMCA – What do you know about AMCA?

In this article, we’re going to tell you the full form of AMCA. The full form of AMCA is  Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft. AMCA is an ambitious Made-in-India project for stealth fighter jets for the Indian Air Force to bolster its air power capability and reduce its dependency on other countries. Its main aim is to develop a fifth-generation medium fighter jet in order to overcome the global competition of stealth fighter jets. With AMCA, India will enter the exclusive club of countries with fifth-generation stealth warplanes. At present, the US (F-35 and F-22 Raptors), Russia (Su-57), and China (J-20) have built such fighters. When the production of the AMCA fighter jet starts, India will become only the fourth country to launch an indigenously produced stealth fighter aircraft.

AMCA –  Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft

About the AMCA in brief

The AMCA will be available in two stealth and non-stealth variants and will be produced in two stages

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