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Full Form of GPRS- What is the full form of GPRS

In this article, we’re not about to explain GPRS, and instead, we’ll tell you the full form of GPRS, which you’ve never thought of it for once.

Since the booming of the mobile technology in the mid-2000s, the telecommunication system in the world has been changed enormously. Internet used to be a thing for some rich person on the earth. But now with the advancement of the mobile technology, anyone can access the internet with their mobile phone anywhere or anytime. When you come across the mobile internet, you may hear of the GPRS, which was a fascinating thing at a time.

What is the Full Form of GPRS?

The full form of GPRS is General Packet Radio Service.

GPRS ( full form is General Packet Radio Service) is a packet-switching technology that makes data transfers possible through a cellular network. It is designed for mobile internet, MMS and any other data related communications. GPRS is based on internet Protocols (IP) and enables users to utilise various applications like email and the internet. Usually, the speed limit of GPRS is 115 kbps. However, in most networks, it is around 35 kbps. Informally, GPRS is also called 2.5G because it is more advanced than standard 2G digital technology, but does not meet the requirements of 3G technology. The GPRS ( full form is General Packet Radio Service) enhances the existing GSM network infrastructure and provides a connectionless packet data service.

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Benefits of GPRS (Full Form of GPRS is General Packet Radio Service )

  • Communication via GPRS is cheaper than through the regular GSM networks
  • Its network has high bandwidth, which helps in making the internet speed faster. 
  • It provides point to point services
  • GPRS offers wireless internet access
  • Any incoming call will not affect your internet browsing. 
  • It provides wireless access to the internent from any location provided there is a network signal. 

Disadvantages of GPRS

  • The maximum speed of GPRS can go up to 115 Kbps compared to 300 Mbps as that of LTE.
  • It has limited capacity for all users. It means a user can use only a limited radio resource. 
  • It has a transit delay.
  • A mobile station using GPRS can’t receive direct GPRS calls.

GPRS Ka Full Form in Hindi

जनरल पैकेट रेडियो सर्विस (GPRS)

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