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Work from Home Jobs – Why Everyone is obsessing About it?

If the work from home jobs ruled the world we would all be happy. Everyone would spend their best time with their near and dear ones. But we all know that everything we wish can’t be transformed into reality and we’ve to go on how the world works. I’m not saying it’s impossible to do so. The year 2020 taught us how important it is to be with our families spending good times rather than doing the same boring jobs throughout the year.

In this short yet persuasive article, I’m bringing you some of the most reliable work from home jobs that you can begin without leaving your old jobs.

Benefits of work from Home Jobs

Benefits of Work from Home Jobs

It would be a little tricky to point out those who don’t want to do work from Home Jobs. Even I dream of working from home for this lifetime seeing my children grow and spend quality time with family. Some of the benefits you can seize if you start taking home jobs are enumerated as follows.

  • The first and the best opportunity you can get if you choose work from home jobs is the quality time you’re going to spend with your family.
  • There will be no time limitation to complete or start your job. You’re your own boss and can decide when to start or finish the job.
  • You don’t have to spend any conveyance money as your home is just as good as your working office.
  • It’ll help you save more and more money.
  • No space required for any setup of the office.
  • There will be no wastage of time on traveling to and fro the office and slowly you’ll forget the crowd and traffic.
  • There is no dress code for work from home jobs. What you wish to wear is the new dress code.
  • It has a positive impact on the environment also as you don’t have to ride your car to reach your office.
  • You’ll get a happier and healthier work life.

Now Let’s discover together the types of work from Home Jobs that you can start at your own convenient time


One of the best work from home jobs anyone can take on irrespective of ages.

Number one home jobs anyone can start

What is blogging or a blog?

In short a blog is simply a website that contains information on a particular niche or topic. However, it isn’t a rule that a blog should contain information on a particular topic but can cover a wide range of topics depending upon the capacity of the blog owner. Those who run blogs are called bloggers.

Why blogging is considered the best among all work from home jobs one can start?

It is because anyone can start blogging any time and anywhere as one of the best work from home jobs without any prior knowledge of programming or coding. What it requires is your passion for the topic you choose and the quality content that people really engage.

The basic requirement to start a blog

In order to start a blog, you need to invest some money. Always remember that there is nothing that exists in this world that comes for free. Don’t regret that you spend money on blogging. Why I say you need some money to start is that to start a blog a good internet connection, a laptop or PC, web hosting, and a domain name are required. I recommend buying web hosting and the domain name from Hostinger, as it is considered the best for beginners.

How relevant is the Blog in the present days?

We all know that the year 2020 taught a significant lesson to mankind that everything that exists in this world is not constant. The recent pandemic had drastically changed the way we live our daily lives. We had to adapt to the work culture of the new world.

But one thing that hadn’t changed by the pandemic is the online jobs. We never stop browsing on the internet for news and various other topics that attract us.

As per OpenVault’s report, there has been a surge of 47% in internet usage across the U.S and Europe during the peak time of the pandemic.

What we learned from this is that blogging will survive to grow and give you income as long as you provide relevant and quality content.

Who fits this job?

# Such kind of work from home jobs is fit for those who have a genuine idea of a topic, writing skills, and some basic knowledge of HTML (most preferably). Remember that you need to provide relevant and up-to-date quality information that can keep your visitors engaged. This will help in the generation of revenue in the long run.

Start Selling your own products online

home jobs

What could be a better earning option if you can sell your own products online? There are hundreds of online selling platforms available as on date to start selling online. Big online selling platforms like Amazon are giving a huge opportunity to those who want to sell their own products online. There are a lot of benefits of selling your own products. You’ve to decide yourself the selling price of a product and can obtain the maximum profit.

Who fits this kind of work from home jobs?

# Such kind of work from home jobs is fit for those who have creative ideas and can craft their own product for selling. In the long run, you can also broaden your work for mass production to meet the customers’ demand.

Become an Online Tutor

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Online Tutor home jobs

During the recent lockdown, there was a crisis of jobs and thousands of people quit their normal job and shifted to online work. Online classes become a mandate for every school to continue the normal classes. This has created a trend among many students and there is no question of slowing down this trend.

This trend has given a big opportunity for those who want to teach online but don’t get the opportunity to start one. Online tutor is the best among the work from home jobs for those who already have teaching experience. You can sell your own course or do face to face online classes. In order to start selling your course, you can start a blog or website. Online selling of course will make you more profit as it requires only one-time recording and upload on your blog. You can do some SEO work to rank your blog on the search engine’s first page.

Who fits this job?

# Such kind of work from home jobs requires specific skills to start. You should have some prior teaching skills to start an online tutoring class.

Cloud Kitchen

Cloud Kitchen

As per Statisa.com revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment is projected to reach US$28,486m in 2021 in the US alone. That means this ongoing trend of online ordering of food isn’t gonna drop shortly. Taking this advantage you can easily start an online food ordering restaurant or a cloud kitchen.

Cloud Kitchen is a new concept for the restaurant that offers orders on the web or through the phone. They fundamentally depend on online food aggregators, for example, Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, or potential sites or versatile applications to acknowledge online requests. 

Some of the advantages of starting a cloud kitchen are as follows:-

  • Investment in the cloud kitchen is generally safe.
  • You can get profit higher than the traditional restaurant type.
  • The expenses of setting up an online restaurant are less.
  • No need to set up any sitting arrangement which means saving more money.

Who fits this job?

# Such kind of work from home jobs requires great cooking skills and innovative ideas to attract more and more customers. You can also open your own website in addition to food ordering apps.

Online streaming of Games (Best work from Home Jobs for youngsters)

work form home jobs

As per a report from Statista.com, the value of the video game market in the US alone is about 60.4 bn as of 2020. In the last ten years, esports video games have become an inseparable part of our life and exploded its popularity as evidenced by games like PUBG, Riot Games, etc.

The streaming of online games is one of the trendings work from home jobs as on date. There are millions of active online gamers who earn big money through this method as of date. Basically, these online gamers use Twitch, owned by Amazon, Facebook, Youtube, and Mixer, owned by Microsoft as a platform to stream their games.

How a gamer can earn money?

A gamer can earn money through donations, subscriptions, gaming platform’s currency, sponsorship, affiliate marketing, merchandising, and by providing stream-related services to other content creators. As the number of internet users increases worldwide there’s also a rapidly growing subset of the population that sees other people game via streaming platforms and pay them too like you might tip a dancer at a bar.

Who fits this kind of Work from home jobs?

# Such kind of work from home jobs is suitable for those who have experience of gaming and can play for a long time.

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