How I dream of my Manipur all the time?

Seven decades ago since India got its independence from the colonial master, the British. Since then, 15 August is observed as the independence day all over India. One day before Indian got their independence, the British left Manipur on 14 August 1947 and became free from any foreign rulers after many decades. Maharaja Bodhchandra Singh was the last king of the free and independent Manipur. It wasn’t too long for all the Manipuris to roam freely on its own land. On 15 October 1949, the kingdom of Manipur again lost its independence following the infamous Shillong Merger Agreement, where it is believed that the Maharaja Bodhchandra Singh was forced to ink sign the agreement.

In this short article, I’m expressing my views on what I dream of my Manipur all the time. Even this is not for real I still dream of it hoping someday it’ll transform into reality. However, there is a saying that “nothing is impossible” and keeping this phrase in mind I’m depicting my views.

Here is my first dream – Building of Tech parks

What I referred to tech park is a place specially design and develop for working together in the same space that includes high buildings for offices, residential, and retail development. This is the first dream that I want to make it into reality. For a state like Manipur, where there is a scarcity of resources, only development in the field of information technology, software development, and its allied products will help in providing jobs to our youths. This will attract many companies from other countries or even investment to develop more infrastructure.

Most often due to the lack of professional studies institute, the majority of our students migrate to other places or states to pursue higher studies. This is also one of the main reasons for the diversion of the state’s income to another state. Even after the completion of their courses they’ve to find suitable jobs there only as the facility for an instant job is not provided by our government or any other private firms or companies.

I did a little survey and discover that most of us living outside the state are employing in the IT sector. They have to manage all their living expenditures from their monthly salary. Even our people are ready to work for just 15k to 20k per month without thinking twice.

So, if our government can develop an environment or platform, where all people can come and work at their home ground, it will be a great savior for our state. If this facility is available, we don’t have to go anywhere searching for a job. Irrespective of perks they’ll get, people will come forward for any kind of IT-related jobs. Thereby, the menace of unemployment will be solved to some extent. This is just for one-time investment and once it is built many big players will land on the state to explore the potential of our people.

Professional school and colleges – My second dream of my Manipur

dream of my manipur

It is agreed that up to the intermediate level the system of schooling and learning process of our state is somewhat maintaining a level. When it comes to professional school or institute our state is far behind other states in India. There is no such institute or college that offers professional courses or subjects. So, the only option for our students is to go out of the state and pursue their desire course. This has become one of the eminent burdens to all parents in our state. If our government or some big players can stop them from going out of the state by providing them their desired professional course, the draining of money to another state can easily be stopped. When these facilities are made available more and more students will come from other states too thereby helping in shaping the economy of the state.

However, this is not only the responsibility of the government to bring a quality education system, but also it needs our urgent response as a responsible citizen.

Access of motorable road for all – Third dream of my Manipur

dream of my manipur

Even after 70 years of Indian Independence, there haven’t been any major changes in the development of any north-eastern state. Still, today the majority of the people in Manipur have never seen any motorable road which is the basic requirement of living. Most of the roads in the state have been dilapidated for a decade despite the central government’s pitched road campaign. Due to the mud and waterlogging on the road, people are facing a lot of problems in traffic which results in undue delays in transportation between towns and villages. Sometimes you will find people protesting for a better road by planting paddy in the middle of the road.

A total of 90 percent of the area of Manipur is covered by the hills. Road blockages due to landslides, the collapse of the poorly built connecting bridges are very frequent during the rainy season. Due to which total cut down of connection between hills and valley area is very frequent and prices of commodities skyrocketed. Common people like us face most of the hardship because of the poor management of our government.

Good Health facilities

Health facilities are the places where we can get our basic health care. They include hospitals, clinics, outpatient care centers, and specialized care centers, such as birthing centers and psychiatric care centers. However, maintaining quality is very important. Except for those masses living in the valley areas, and small township majority of the people of Manipur haven’t even access to basic health facilities. As a result, most of the people living there are infected with one or more diseases without even knowing.

Final words

This is just a select three best dreams of me about my Manipur. If I have to write all about my dream, this space won’t be enough for me. I always keep asking myself why only the privileged class enjoys all the benefits and the real hard-working people like you and me should suffer. Everyone should get all the basic facilities equally. But sometimes I even think if all my dreams are nothing just more than a pipe dream.

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