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How to Know your Polling Station for Casting Vote in Manipur?

InsideManipur brings you the best way to know your nearest polling station to cast your valuable vote. Every individual who is 18 years old is eligible to give a vote to choose the most deserving candidate. The total population of Manipur is around 3 Million, and out of it, 19,39,244 are qualified or registered voters as per the 17th Lok Sabha Election, 2019.

India is regionally divided into states and union territories. Each State is governed by a chief minister who is the leader of the party or political alliance that has won a majority in the regional elections, otherwise known as State Assembly Elections that exercises executive powers in that State.

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Types of Elections in India

Elections is the process of selection of the representative from specific political parties, who then run the country. The elected candidate hold the seat for five years or until the body is dissolved by the governor.

  1. Presidential Elections
  2. General elections (Lok Sabha)
  3. Rajya Sabha Elections
  4. State Assembly Elections (Vidhan Sabha)
  5. Legislative Council Elections
  6. Gram Panchayat Elections
  7.  Zila Panchayat Elections

How to know your nearest polling station to cast vote?

It is very easy to find out the nearest polling station in Manipur. Follow the steps to find out your nearest polling station.

  • You can start by visiting the website of CEOManipur and click on the link “Know your Polling Station”. Your screen should look like the image given below.
  • Now click on the “select district” option and select your respective district from the dropdown list.
  • After you choose your district, select your assembly constituency from the dropdown list.
  • Now, click on the “show polling stations” button, and your nearest polling station should be shown.

Here is a short video to know how to find your nearest polling stations to cast your valuable vote in Manipur.

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