Impact of Social Media on our Life

The impact of Social Media on our lives is remarkable. Once, the newspaper used to be the primary source of trending or daily news for us for many years. Gone are the days people read the newspaper with a cup of hot tea; on the one hand, it used to start a day for almost all of us irrespective of rich or poor. With the advancement of the internet, we have witnessed many changes in education, marketing, business, etc., in the last two decades. Social media also improves communication, sharing of ideas, and informative content socially with no boundaries. Indeed this social media has brought us too close irrespective of where you stay and what you speak. It also paves the way for many businesses, big or small, to engage with any customers worldwide.

As per the sources from, in 2022, 3.81 billion people will use social media worldwide, almost double from 2.07 billion in 2016. An average person has at least 8.6 social media accounts. A report from also revealed that India alone has more than 326 million active users.

What is Social Media?

When the term social media comes, only two names pop up in our minds. One is Facebook, and another one is Twitter. What we do on this platform is write our ideas and feelings and share them, and sometimes we upload beautiful images and share them with our friends. Social media is a term given to any website or application that allows us to share our ideas and thoughts through online communities. Social media can also be considered the newest form of communication among people living in any corner of the globe.

Impact of Social media on our society

The rise of social media has made many changes in our day-to-day life. With the invention of many social media platforms, the world seems so small, and we can reach and share our constructive ideas with millions of people living worldwide in no time. It has become part and parcel of our daily life, and we’re becoming so addicted to it that a day is incomplete without a dose of social media. A chime or notification bell in our smartphone usually starts a day. Like a diary, we update our status and commitments in our daily lives in the social media arena.

Everything has its merit and demerit points, and these social media do have some positive and negative impacts on our society. With some social research and personally using experience, I’m listing some of the good and bad effects of social media on our community.

Positive Impact of Social media on our society

impact of social media
impact of social media

Sharing of ideas

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., has made it possible for us to share ideas irrespective of where we live. The more you share your thoughts, the more you increase your knowledge and experience. You can share your ideas within the community with the same likes and dislikes. You can quickly build up an organization or find one based on your interest. By doing this, you can easily find an idea or share one.

Speed up the process of Learning

Learning can be as much fun as a barrel of monkeys in this social media era if you’re ready to learn. Each day you can find new topics to remember on this platform. Nowadays, social media also serves as an alternative to google’s search engine. Whatever issues you search on social media, you’ll find hundreds of results. With the rise of social media, the teacher and the learners’ distance has been immensely shortened. You can type in the topic you want to learn or find a community or group of your interest where you’ll find thousands of like-minded people. It serves as a learning place and an opportunity to share and exchange ideas among the groups.

Impact of social media on advertisement

Nowadays, many big companies expand their business through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to reach their products’ ads to millions of potential customers. Moreover, this method is cost-effective as compared to the traditional way. They’re showing ads without any demographic limitation to any targeted customers.

Rise of Professional streamers

As more and more people become aware of the opportunities for using social media networks, a new form of earning money has risen. Nowadays, many youngsters, irrespective of their background, utilize this platform as a new door to flaunt their talent related to niches like dance, lifestyle, travel, fashion, makeup, etc., to millions of people. When people show interest in your work, you’ll get thousands of followers in return for your deed as appreciation, and getting more followers means you’re being watched. Sometimes, many big companies hunt for social influencers like you to promote their products in return for monetary exchange.

Another form of earning money on these platforms is streaming games. Many gamers stream their games online to gain followers. The more followers you get, the more chances of making money. Nowadays, gaming has become a part of life among our youngsters, which has provided many opportunities to earn their livelihood.

Use as a medium to support needy people

You may have witnessed many instances where many deserved people got exposed through social media and became famous overnight. This network can be a powerful instrument to grow awareness or attention for those sections of society who need our extreme support. Since the inception of social media on the internet, many voices that remained dormant for many years could speak louder. Moreover, many NGOs or individuals use this platform as a medium to raise financial support for those needy people. “A friend in need is a friend indeed ” and indeed, this social media again awaken the sleeping humane inside us.

Negative Impact of Social Media

impact of social media

Addiction to Social Media

The social media we used to know a decade ago is not the same as the one in front of us. It used to be a perfect platform to communicate with our near and far companions. Now, social media has entirely changed, and it is not the one we knew. It has become so addictive irrespective of genres that someday, we might need to inject a dose of vaccine to get rid of it.

As we continue to upload content, videos, information, etc., on it, this social media platform is now acting as a mini search engine. Whatever interest you search for, you’ll find thousands of results. Just remember a day you didn’t check your phone notification from Facebook. Once you start scrolling down your Facebook page, there is no limit of time you’ll pass, and remember that the outcome is nil.

Online Bullying

Online bullying or cyberbullying has been rising with the advancement of so-called social media.

In general, online bullying or cyberbullying is termed harassment, threat, and humiliation given to a person using the internet. This cyberbullying happens among the tween and teens. Nowadays, youngsters are more online than ever, and they use laptops or smartphones as online study materials and social media to communicate with their friends.

Harassment, Impersonation, uploading inappropriate photographs of victims, website creation of victims, video sharing, and other subtle methods.

Mental Health – one of the most negative impact of social media

The mental health situation that arises from social media use is directly related to cyberbullying also. Mental health refers to one’s behavioral, emotional, and cognitive well-being. When someone posts anything terrible related to you on social media, it affects you mentally and emotionally stressful. The overuse of social media links to loneliness increases the risk of depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and even suicidal thoughts.

Using social media to trap people

Anti-national people or traitors often search for a loophole in public platforms to gain or extract information. They may use a fake account to impersonate a woman and instigate someone to have a romantic or sexual relationship. Later on, they will trap the person to extract the information they want. All such things directly relate to your browsing behavior and your intention of using social media.

Next time you try to add someone to your friend list, think of what you will do later or remain as an audience.

Final words from

Using social media for communication or sharing with your friends is a good thing to continue. However, excessive use of it may adversely affect our behavior. It is you who can control how you use this platform. The impact of social media on our society must be an applicable term. As we already know the merits and demerits of using these platforms, we should teach our children and youngsters how social media’s excessive use affects the user and society.

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