Imphal Weather Tomorrow

Imphal Weather Tomorrow: Know Imphal Weather today, tomorrow before you step out.

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Imphal weather tomorrow that you need to know before you finalize your plan to visit Imphal or for a family outing, picnic or even sightseeing.

IMPHAL (Manipur) WEATHER(Ngasigi Aeing Asa)

Manipur is located in the north-eastern corner of India, with a population of approximately 3 Million. Meiteilon is the major language for all the people living in the state. Manipur abounds with beautiful natural gifts of a different kind of flora and fauna and is surrounded by nine hill’s ranges. All the year, Manipur experience a pleasant and pristine climate. One can expect that the climate of Manipur is moderate.


Season in Manipur

There are five seasons in the state.

Summer starts from the month of May to June). Next is the Rainy (Monsoon) which starts from July and ends at Septemper. Autumn season will starts from the month of October and last till November. Winder or cold season starts during the month of December and last till February.

The temperature during the winter season is around 8-23 degree Celsius. The days are relatively warm and sunny, whereas the nights are cold. The temperature in winter is best suited for travelling and exploring the beautiful state of Manipur. Winter season in Manipur is the best time to visit the state. And, finally the spring season arrives in Manipur in the month of March and last till April.

Best Place to Sleep during your stay at Imphal (Imphal Weather Tomorrow)

Some of the renowned place or hotel you can stay during your visit to Imphal for any reasons are the Classic Hotel (North AOC), Anand Continental Hotel (Thangal Bazaar), Nirmala Hotel (Behind City Police Station), Imphal Hotel (Near D M College), White Palace Hotel (MG Avenue), Dinesh Delux Hotel (Thangal Bazar), State Guest House (Sanjenthong), Hotel Prince (Thangal Bazar) and Hotel Krishtinia(Polo Ground Road). You can also search your desire place of stay at airbn also.

Festival of Manipur

Yaoshang, Ningol Chakouba, Kut, Gan-Ngai, Lai Haraoba are some of the major festivals celebrated throughout the state.

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