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INA full form – What is the full form of INA and its significance?

INA is closely related to the history of the independence of India. To honor the sacrifices made by our forefathers I think it is necessary to know the INA full form, as an Indian Citizen. In this article, we’ll let you know the full form of INA and its importance in the history of India.

What is the full form of INA?

full form of INA

The full form of INA is the “Indian National Army” (Azad Hind Fauj or Free Indian Army). The Indian National Army has been an ever-present army formed by Indian nationals and Imperial Japan during 1942 World War II. Its purpose was to protect Indian independence from British rule during the period of World War II. It fought alongside Japanese troops in the latter’s campaign in the Southeast Asian theater of WWII. Some of its units have become legendary like the 21st regiment, 3rd regiment, and many more. In its early days, the Indian army was considered inferior to that of the Japanese and was even fighting without a uniform, the men used to wear loose garments and khaki pants.

Subhas Chandra Bose was the Commander-in-Chief of INA or the Indian National Army. With the help of the Japanese troops, Bose advance to Rangoon and then reached Indian soil on March 18, 1944. They were able to reach Imphal (Moirang) via Kohima. However, INA forces were defeated and forced to retreat due to the lack of Japanese air support.

What is the Full form of PDF?

Don’t you want to know the full of INA located in the capital city of India?

When discussing INA, it is a little confusing abbreviation, whether Indian National Army or INA, Delhi. Well, you’ll come to know the absolute difference when you complete reading this article.

We’ve already discussed the Indian National Army (Full form of INA related to Indian History) at the starting of this article. Now, we’re going to discuss the full form of INA, Delhi, market.

The Full form of INA, Delhi, is Indian National Airways Market, popularly known as the INA market. It is famous for the varieties of food items available in this INA market. Just think of a kind of food, and you get it in the INA market. Fresh seafood, meat, spices, vegetables, fruits, etc., are some of the foods available in this market. You can get varieties of imported foodstuff here, and the shopkeepers in this market can even speak languages like French, Chinese, German, and Japanese to attract foreign visitors. The whole week except on Monday, the INA market remains closed.

INA is the Indian Naval Academy if we talk about Defense

The full form of INA doesn’t end here. Those who love to join Indian Military and safeguard the country from the enemy would surely think of the Indian Naval Academy when they first see the abbreviation INA.
Some facts about the Indian Military Academy or simply INA that you may want to know.

The Indian Naval Academy, situated at Ezhimala, in the Kannur district of Kerala, is Asia’s largest Naval Academy. Mount Dilli, the serene Kavvayi backwaters, and the majestic Arabian Sea surrounds the Indian Naval Academy. The total area of the Academy covers around 2452 acres.
The Indian Naval Academy imparts world-class training to all the officer entrants of the Navy and Coast Guard.

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