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Jojo Rajkumari – Unstoppable female MMA Fighter

Manipur is such a place in India, where there is no gender inequality in any respect, and Jojo Rajkumari is a fine example of women empowerment. Jojo Rajkumar hails from Moirang Phiyongbam Leikai Part-II, Manipur a place famous for inseparable historical folklore Khamba and Thoibi. Jojo is just 24 year old, energetic, and young female MMA fighter who started her career in the year 2007 as a kickboxer.

What is MMA or Mixed Martial Arts?

MMA or cage fighting is a hybrid sport incorporating various techniques from games like Boxing, Judo, Thai Boxing, Wrestling, and various other combat sports. In combat sports, players use the techniques they learned from various disciplines. This game is a full-body contact game where the players do punching, kicking, throwing, and grappling in order to defeat the opponent. Generally, MMA is played inside an iron cage or inside a boxing ring. There are various ways to win in MMA like Knockout, Decision, Submission, Technical Knockout (TKO), Forfeit, and No Contest.


NameJojo Rajkumari OR Cobra Queen
BirthplaceMoirang, Manipur, India
Age26 years (As of 2022)
KickboxingStarted in the year 2007
Maiden TitleWin 2 out of 3 bought
Jojo Rajkumari’s HobbyCooking, Drumming, Bass Guitar, Boxing, climbing, cycling, learning, workout, Fishing, and many more.
StudiedManipur University
Height5’3″ (161cm)
Weight115 LBS / 52.16 KG
RankJojo Rajkumari is the 18th ranked of 102 active Middle East women (pound for pound)

How Jojo Rajkumari started MMA?

Unlike players from other states of India, the majority of the players of our state Manipur hail from a poor background, and during their initial stage, they find no support even from their home and have to face many challenges. No matter how they trained and eat they never fail to bring the laurel of the state at the national and international levels. If we can groom and provide them with at least the basic needs they can deliver us the best result and can pull up the name of the state to another level.

Jojo Rajkumari is also among the players of Manipur who grew up in a poor family, where everything from household daily chores to looking after the family rest on her shoulders.

Jojo started her career with kickboxing. She had no idea what kickboxing was during the initial stage of her career. It is the nature of humans to be influenced by each other acts and Jojo is also not different. She was inspired to start kickboxing by one of her close friends. Whenever she went to wash clothes by the pond, she’d find her friend practicing kickboxing.

Without any hesitation, she visited the place and asked permission to join the class. Seeing her dedication and love of the sports she was permitted to join and she even impresses the coach on her first kick.

To help achieve her MMA dream, she runs even a small business to get some support. She will sell candles, cotton clothes during summer, and woolen clothes in winter. Besides, she also used to help her mother in selling “Singju and Bora,” a famous Manipuri snack, at a roadside stall.

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Advancement of her Career as a Female MMA Fighter of Manipur

Nothing is impossible if you pursue any dream with your heart full of hard work and dedication. Jojo Rajkumari again proves that women can also fight like men in the arena of combat sports. In a state like Manipur, it is even hard for a woman to start a fighting game like MMA or Kickboxing. First of all, they won’t get any support from their family and next is the speculation of society. In her initial stage, even her mother opposed her. However, she never stops and carries on with her training without knowing her mother. There is a proverb in Manipuri “How long will you cover the streak of fire with clothes?”. Seeing her relentless dedication to the sport, her mother finally let her go for the sport.

Fighting against all the odds Jojo Rajkumari started her career as a kickboxing player under the strict guidance of her local coach, she was able to bag a gold medal and the best wrestler award in her maiden tournament.

Jojo Rajkumari Got the Golden chance for MMA Fight

It was in the year 2017, incidentally or by coincidence one of the pioneer of the MMA fighter Manipur, Mr. Frank, happened to come across a video post of Jojo Rajkumari kicking and punching a bag. As an MMA coach, it won’t be a difficult task to identify the required quality of an MMA fighter. Jojo received an invitation from the coach, who is the founder of the Manipur MMA fighter club, Chainaba, to be a part of the MMA team. Without thinking twice Jojo Rajkumari accepted the invitation and started learning MMA under the strict guidance of the coach, Mr. Frank.

In an interview by Kanglaonline, one of the trustworthy online media of Manipur, Mr. Frank reiterated that ” it is very hard to find women MMA fighter not only in Manipur but also in the whole country. Luckily, I found Jojo Rajkumari through a video post of her on Facebook kicking, and punching bag. If I can train her throws and ground techniques, she can easily turn into a good MMA fighter and she’ll bring the laurel of the state at the national and international level.” Frank runs the Kanglei Mixed Martial arts Club at Singjamei Chingamakha, Imphal West.

The first achievement of Jojo Rajkumari in the MMA Arena

It is well said that “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” Jojo possesses the character of a winner that never quits despite the numerous hardships she has faced. She never refuses to train and groom herself to become an unstoppable MMA fighter in Manipur. Jojo Rajkumari was able to bag a medal in her maiden bought of MMA, Chainaba Season 1. In the second season of Chainaba also, she was able to continue the winning streak.

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