diamond rush in nagaland

Mad Rush for Diamonds in Nagaland

Mad rush for diamonds in Wanching, a village in Mon district of Nagaland after a farmer accidentally discovered a sparkling stone. On November 25 a resident of Wanching village found a diamond-like sparkling stone which has triggered a ‘diamond’ rush in Nagaland’s Mon district.

Words spread like a wildfire among the villagers and many people rushed in a hope of finding a pie of diamond. The state government ordered an investigation to verify the claims. A statement from Nagaland University’s department of Geology reiterated that “Those are ordinary quartz crystals and they are very common and are found in different parts of Nagaland.”

Currently, diamond is regarded to be the hardest known material in the world. But considering the fact that those crystals found in the Mon district of Nagaland can easily be broke when used a hammer apparently indicates that they are simply quartz, not a diamond. This has reminded us of the English’s famous proverb that we learned in our childhood “All the glitters aren’t gold“.

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