Professional Courses After 12th commerce

Professional Courses After 12th commerce

In this article, you’ll come to know some of the professional courses after 12th commerce you can consider to take on for your future career.

It is quite an uncertain and crucial time when you’ve just cleared your secondary exam and look to choose a stream for 10+2. If, as a student, you decided to opt for commerce as your path, then you’re at the right place to decide on professional courses after 12th Commerce.

After choosing commerce as your subject for 11 and 12 classes, you must have gone through the basics and the structure of it. Commerce career path requires a well-planned study and an apt job experience. With higher study opportunities, you’ll have practical experience in the ins and outs of commerce fields like trade, accounting, business, and sales, etc. Commerce students have multiple professional options as the subject is deeply rooted in daily life commercial activities.

Read further and find out some of the top professional courses after 12th commerce

Charted Accountancy (CA) – one of the top paying professional courses after 12th Commerce

Becoming a CA is perhaps the most sought after job for a commerce student. It is a dream of multiple commerce students after completing their 12th. With new tax norms, a growing economy, and numerous finance sectors, this course offers more opportunities than ever. A CA has to keep check of their client’s financial accounts or any company’s financial tracks and transactions, should be by Govt. Norms and Laws.

To attain this course, one has to clear a preliminary foundation exam to enter the certificate program. Then after completion of the time, they will become a part of ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament, viz. The Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 (Act No. XXXVIII of 1949) for regulating the profession of Chartered Accountancy in the country.). There are four stages to this exam: CPT, Integrated PCC, Three-year Articleship, CA Final.

A CA can achieve prestigious heights in their career, whether it’s in the public or private sector, and also the pay is much lucrative.

CS ( Company Secretary)

The next course, which is as popular as CA, is CS or Company Secretary.  This course is administered by the ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India). This course is particularly beneficial for students with an interest in law and company procedures.

As a Company Secretary, your job profile would require you to understand, rectify, and manage the legal actions and contracts of a company. Any CS can achieve great heights as a respected employee in top-notch companies.

CS course has three levels that need to be cleared through different exams:- CS Foundation, Intermediate or Executive Course, Final or CS Professional. After completion, of course, a CS becomes an associate with ICSI. With relevant job skills like communication, persuasion, presentation, and logic, they can achieve corporate heights like MD or even Chairman.

B.B.A. ( Bachelor Of Business Administration)

If, as a commerce student, you enjoyed business studies and wanted to be associated with entrepreneurship, production, sales, and any other practical aspects of commerce, then a management degree like BBA is an excellent choice for you. This three-year degree program is one of the most popular professional courses in the country.


You can enroll in this degree after completing your 12th and may require a specific percentage or need to pass entrance exams for some reputed colleges. BBA teaches you how different dimensions of a business and production works and, as a skilled manager, how to get the best output from them. After attaining BBA, you’re considered a management professional ready to take responsible roles for any business or organization.

You can also follow up with the post-graduation course MBA, which is one of the most sought-after degrees for professionals. Admission in reputed universities is through entrance exams like CAT or their MAT’s. An MBA is considered highly qualified and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of business and how to handle it. Management degree offers high paying options in the public sector and PUCs, but the private sector opportunities are limitless.

Salary for BBA Students

An average of any BBA student who decides to start a career will earn at an approximate average of 3.5L to 4.5L per annum. However, if your job profile is Human Resource Manager you can get up to 6L per annum which is the highest among all the specializations

Bachelor of Laws(LL.B.)/ LL.B.

After completing your 12th class, you’ve got an introduction to the company and taxation and related laws in your commerce stream. If the logic, communication, and legal aspect of your subject excite you, then an integrated law program is the best option for you. You can enroll in a five-year integrated law program just after the 12th, which will be a combination of your commerce bachelor’s degree and a bachelor of laws.

Law courses are governed by the BCI or Bar council of India, which regulates, devised rules for admission, eligibility, and validity of legal studies. You can enjoy a career as a respected lawyer and advocate and practice law as your profession. Also, the CS students will find LL.B. or ordinary Bachelor of Laws degree a great addition to their professional profile, and they should opt for it.

You’ll need to study subjects like family law, criminal law, civil law, taxation and company law, and others to attain this course. Admission into prestigious colleges is available through CLAT ( Common Law Admission Test) Score. Opportunities for a commerce legal graduate are endless, and they can work as legal advisers, consultants, specialist officers, judges, and even legal-heads of various departments.

Bachelor Of Hotel Management/ Tourism Management.

Another excellent choice for management and communication enthusiast, a degree in hotel management will open up opportunities to serve at high paying jobs with a chance to communicate, provide, and grow as an individual. BHM and BTTM courses are an excellent choice for students with communication skills, apt wits, and insight into culinary and operative skills.

These four to three-year degree courses are offered by respected hotel management institutions and commercial activity hubs for hotels and tourism. This course requires focus and attention on your problem-solving skills, decision-making power, and persuasion of tourists or customers. Also, you would need knowledge of your locality and client’s needs.

With more and more tourists pouring into every holiday and travel spots, hotels and opportunists in this sector are rapidly growing. Jobs like chefs, hotel managers, and travel guides hold a great future for them and are among the most desired jobs because of their work structure. As a professional, you can surely earn delightful amounts of money, but hotels are also a service industry with being a lucrative one. So professionals would need to go through demanding experiences.

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