Sanskrit in Manipur

Sanskrit to be introduced in Schools of Manipur

Being a small state and comprise of few populations as compared to mainland India, the introduction of new things can reach the population in a very short time. Manipur has its own script Meitei Mayek and was used until the 18th century. Pamheiba one of the ruler of Manipur of that time completely banned the use of Meitei Mayek and introduced Bengali Script. Since then, the people of Kangleipak gradually forgotten their own language and adapted to the new Bengali script.

Recently, the Education minister S. Rajen Singh said the Sanskrit language will be introduced in the curriculum of selected schools and colleges of Manipur. He added that Manipur University is also planning to open a department of Sanskrit in a short time. He also reiterated that authorities will be approached to speed the process of starting the initiative.

After the statement of the education minister of Manipur for the introduction of Sanskrit in various schools and colleges of Manipur, a war of words erupted between the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Manipur Government and students’ groups.

The Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD) said the proposal reflected the “dominant attitude of the RSS-oriented government of Manipur” and that “not a single word of Sanskrit” has found its way to the mother tongues of the indigenous population. MSAD views it as an effort to enslave the people of Manipur academically and linguistically. Imposing an alien language upon the indigenous people is completely a sign of colonization,” the students’ body said.

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