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manipur sports

Manipur and Sports

The blood of sports runs inside the vein of all Manipuries living in any part of the world.  Since the time immemorial various types of indigenous games have been playing in our state. Sagol Kangjei (polo), Mukna (wrestling), Yubi Lakpi (played by oiling coconut) are some of the famous games that have been playing for many generations and are still famous among us. 

We gifted the game “Polo” to the world and is considered as one of the royal game in the world. 

To date, many famous and great sportspeople have been produced and are still counting. Many players bring laurel not only for the state but also for the country in various international sporting events. It’ll be a little difficult task for anyone to find out such a state in India where a single Manipuri doesn’t play for them.

It won’t be the wrong decision to consider Manipur as the synonyms of sports or Powerhouse of Sports in India. 


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