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Top Manipuri Songs of 2020 You shouldn’t miss

If you could rewind to some point in time in your life where would you rewind your life to start afresh? We have testified a lot of changes in the way how we exist, eat, and commute in the year 2020. Leaving behind all the hardship we’ve faced during this tragic year, InsideManipur recollects some of the top Manipuri songs of 2020 that will remind you of something or some point in time in 2020.

Here is the list of the Top Manipuri Songs of 2020 that will surely make you feel afresh even if you hear it 100 times.

Ngaijarakpa Kuireda – No. 1 Top Manipuri Songs of 2020

top manipuri songs

“Ngaijarakpa Kuireda” Singer- Kenedy Khuman, Starring- Araba and Soma, Music- Tony Aheibam, Lyrics- Sangeeta Nong, Cinematography- Regan KH, Make-Up- Naoton Longjam, Costume- Karan Thokchom, Choreography- Babycha Salam, Producer- Eikhoi Yambung, Editor / Direction- Jeson G.

This Manipuri video song starring handsome Araba and adorable Soma was released on 04 Mar 20 at Mami Taibang (a youtube channel) and has reached a whopping 7.5 Million views during this short period of time. The acting and maturity of this duo again awaken the music which has been sleeping inside us for a long time. “Ngaijarakpa Kuireda, Nungshi Hiaba Yaroda” will surely make you feel afresh even you play it for hundred times.

Comments from YouTube

Eseise yengna2 momon nokpa mising like👍👍

Manipuri Neighbours Love from Tripura. …Ay Nangbu nungsi …❤

Nothing less then anyone Lots if love from NAGALAND.

Though I didn’t understand the lyrics oh mah god… This is so so amazing 💕🌈 . . Uttar Pradesh needs time to understand the Manipuri does me

Jeet Kshetricha’s Laklo

Image captured from Youtube. Copyright of the image belongs to the owner of the song/video

The Song is Written, Composed, Produced, and Sung by JEET KSHETRICHA. Laaklo was premiered on the youtube channel Kanglei Alternative on 16 Aug 2020 when the whole nation was in lockdown.

Jeet mentioned in his Youtube channel how he wrote the lyrics of this song.

” Wrote this Song a few months back, during the first stage of lockdown. It was one of those gloomy cloudy afternoon in Bangalore. I wanted to take a quick nap as I was a little tired from working late the night before, but as I put my phone down and closed my eyes, the first four lines “ Eigi Waakhal, Eigi Hakchaang, Eigi Thawai, Eigi Raaney” just came to me out of nowhere and for some reason, I could really empathize with these words. So I quickly jumped off the bed and grabbed the guitar and there it was; the perfect chords to go along with it and from there on, I let the song take over the rest of the process. In a nutshell, the song talks about my take on the balance between the uncertainty and things which seems a little more in our control.”

This song is nearing 1Million views in just a short period of about 3 and half months of its release on the web. This shows that there is no curtailment of listeners when the song is too good to listen to irrespective of how you intro to your audience. “Laaklo” will surely give you a new taste of music that you’ve not heard and feel before. That is the uniqueness of the singer, Tulajit who has been delivering us a different taste of music and make himself stand out from the crowd.

Just tune in the song and feel the heat.

Some Comments from the YouTube

Ash cd🔥🔥 thamoise mafam marang khangdre💔💔 eseise tarubada houkhraba amuk hanna uba fanglaroidraba manglanda fao uba fangbada waba saklon mayam mitmangda puthoklaga saktharakpasidi BROTHER bu hainingngai leitana thagatchari. Mapuna chanbiba oisanu Brother gi tunggi puncda🙏🙏 Kangleipakna yaiphare 💪💪

Such a unique composition da jeet always hit up to the level ❤️❤️❤️

Staying outside manipur during this lockdown, i miss my friends and family so much, esei se phajamalle kap ninge.. 😭😭

My Girlfriend dislike this songs now she’s single😊😉

Chaobagi Laibak by Devia Kshetrimayum – Wild card entry in the Top Manipuri songs of 2020

“Chaobagi Laibak”, a fusion of folk and contemporary – this song was uploaded on the Youtube Channel of the singer Devia Kshetrimayum on 14 December 2020. The script of the song is very extraordinary and the singer too presents the song in such a way that no one even skips the song once played. After a long time, we are able to hear the raw voice of a very talented local singer Devia. This song is now viral on the internet and is spreading like a wildfire and has been a darling among the youngsters. With a total of about 19K subscribers on the singer’s YouTube channel when it was first released, this song has crossed the mark of 2K views in just a week. Many Big names of Manipur YouTube channels like Mami Taibang already make videos of this song and been uploaded.

What the singer says?

” Hantak ki esei acdi Chaobagi wari oina twjare😄 maymna su pamna yengbigani, tabigani khnjei 💕 😊 esei se thgtpada Da Aboy Ningthouja nasu ymna hotnabi,mateng pangbi Daboibusu thnk u loinana eigi ebung Da Danny Nasu ❤️”

Some Comments from the Public on YouTube

Onthoknasu maraibak thireda Chaobagi laibakse 😂… Eseise yaam mayek sengna fajei…

I will sing this song from today in my car 😂nalle

This song going to be famous. Congrats in advance🎉

This is called the REAL TALENT I really like ur Raw voice I njoyed this song but my favourite was kasunglung he that song was lit simple recording but u nailed it more then original one….. keep on singing 👍

To be Continued…..

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