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Women Safety – How safe is the women in the Indian Society?

Our leaders are yelling for “women safety” in India now and then without thinking of any outcome. People say that men and women have equal rights. News and print media are also busy advertising the fact that men and women have equal rights. But, can you give an instance of the equality of men and women rights in India? No, you won’t. It is said that women are the best creation of God, but, in reality, they’re the worst sufferer.

India is the only country where women goddess is worshiped but not considered for any women’s safety. On average, 87 rape cases were recorded daily in India in 2019, and overall, 4,05,861 cases of crime against women during the year. A whopping rise of 7% crime rate against women from 2018 as per the latest data of National Crimes Records Bureau (NCRB), an Indian government agency responsible for collecting and analyzing crime data.

What are the Women’s problems in India that one should know?

Women’s problems in India are endless, and I think this little article is not enough to cover the whole story. Some of the highlighted women’s problems in India are as follows.

1. One should remember that every problem, big or small, in society begins at home. Every second our women face domestic violence, sexual abuse, and discrimination, which ruin their lives and hold them back from playing an integral part in the workplace, society, and the economy.

2. In a hidebound society like India, where menstruation is regarded as taboo and considered impure, did you ever think that the women of India also enjoy the same privilege as our men do? During such periods Indian women aren’t even allowed to attend any social or religious events. They are even denied entry into temples and shrines and even kept out of kitchens.

3. They are questionable for being out late hours, wearing western dresses, revealing dresses, or for being company with a male. 

5. The practice of the dowry system in India directly or indirectly oppresses women. Most often, it leads to abuse and violence. We learned many stories of the killing of women by her husband or in-laws in connection to the dowry system. Sometimes women commit suicide because of the unbearable abuse and harassment for failing to meet the dowry price.

6. Sexual harassment at the workplace is one of women’s biggest problems facing worldwide. Some of the behaviors the harasser may use to gain intimacy with women are demand or request for sexual favors, sexually inclined remarks, showing of pornography, or any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.

7. In India, giving birth to a baby girl is considered a burden to the family, and hence, female foeticide is very common. The killing of a girl child inside the mother’s womb is not a new story in India.

8. Women in Indian society have been considered inferior to men for many years, and, as a result, women have little or no authority in making any decision in a family. 

9. Even today, in some part of India women, are deprived of higher education as they don’t have to stay in parent’s home forever. Instead, women are considered a burden and forced to marry as early as possible. 

What steps can be taken to ensure the safety of women in India?

women safety

As responsible citizens of India, we as a whole, various measures can be exercised to guarantee the safety of Indian women. 

1. The first step is to eliminate the thinking of our people that the women’s class is always inferior to men. 

2. Every family must ensure that there is no difference in raising a girl and a boy child. They should be given equal and proper education. 

3. To prevent the killing of girl child inside the mother’s womb, the government should impose strict rules and regulations.

4. To teach our boy right from the beginning on how to behave to women and girls. 

5. To teach self-defense tactics to our girl child to prevent themselves from any unwanted situations. 

6. Include women in any decision-making process.

7. Separate wings for women police to support the women’s class of India. It will make sure the movement of our women is in safety even in the irregular hours.

8. To allow women to go outside and participate in social activities like men. 

9. Installation of proper toilet facility at home and other public places. 

10. Proper counseling should be provided to grownup boys and girls.

11. Sex education must be given to students and, they must be sensitized on sex and sex-related crimes about rape and its consequences. 

12. Both print and electronic media can play a big role in sensitizing people about the safety of women in India and can create pressure on decision-making bodies. 

13. The existing laws and acts should be amended so that the rapists get the maximum to maximum punishment in not time. When the decision-making process or justice is swift and harsh, the number of rape cases in India will automatically reduce. 

Final Thought on Women Safety in India

Making rules and regulations on women’s safety in India won’t take much time to come into effect. But the importance is to make the public follow them meticulously. Each one needs to take equal responsibility to ensure that our women are safe and sound. We should always remain vigilant and report any crime against women, and it should not be hiding in any situation. Let’s make our women free from any social stigma and let them move free like birds as it does in other country. After all, they are the goddess that we worship every day to bring good luck and fortunes.

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