XWeather – A weather app for iOS and Android built with Xamarin

Today there are millions of apps available on the internet based on iOS and android operating systems. According to the type of mobile phone you have, you can access to apple or android play store to download hundreds of apps. Xweather is also one of the weather forecasting apps available on android and iOS. If you’re researching for the xweather app before downloading on your mobile phone, then you’re in the right spot. Let’s proceed to the main topic.

Xweather – What is xweather?

First thing first, before we jump into the details of xweather, it is felt necessary to know what is xweather. Well, I guess everybody knows xweather is an app, whether it is in android or iOS. Basically, this app is designed for mobile phones to tell us the weather report of any particular area of the planet earth. You may have come across hundreds of weather forecasting apps before. If I’ve to say, XWeather app is the smartest weather forecasting app available on the internet, today. Although not the most visually appealing app, xWeather is a popular choice among iPhone users for its many benefits.

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Features of XWeather

  • XWeather is an excellent weather app for iPhone users, with features to customize your display and read in Chinese.
  • This weather application offers up to ten cities’ reports at a time, and you can switch between various views.
  • In addition, the UI is easy to navigate and allows you to bookmark locations and see the latest forecast in a variety of languages.
  • The XWeather interface is fast and user-friendly, enabling you to access the weather information you need quickly. You can switch between weather profiles, view historical data, and set alerts.
  • The UI is customizable, and you can save explicit regions or create a customized one.
  • XWeather has a variety of widgets that allow you to navigate through different areas easily. Once you have a profile chosen, the application provides accurate, up-to-date weather information in your local area.
  • The xWeather app is free to download and has many cross-curricular elements.
  • XWeather is a perfect choice for educators looking to develop a mobile weather app for students, and the free developer options are excellent for testing applications. XWeather will be an excellent choice for classroom use with so many features and tools.

About Xweather App

The XWeather is a weather app for iOS and Android built with Xamarin. And it is considered the smartest weather app available on the Internet. XWeather was created by Colby Williams. XWeather is an application for mobile devices and tablets. It uses a beacon for tracking user data and also tracks custom events. XWeather gets weather data from Weather Underground’s API.

Getting Started with XWeather

Start with the Privatekeys.cs

There is a PrivateKeys.cs file the Constants directory located at XWeather/XWeather/Constants that contains four const string keys.

All four keys can be left as empty strings and there should not be any issues while building/running the app. However, it will display static ‘testing‘ weather data. You will need to obtain the appropriate API keys in order to set up the live weather API and use GPS services on Android. Here are the steps.

Weather Underground for your XWeather App

XWeather gets weather data from Weather Underground’s API. There are static data files included in the iOS and Android app bundle that will allow you to build and run the app with “test data”. However, in order to get live weather data, add additional locations, etc., you’ll need to create a Weather Underground account and obtain an API key. The free “Developer” tier is sufficient to run the app.

  • Sign up for new a Weather Underground account (or login to an existing one)
  • Purchase an new API Key. Make sure to select ANVIL PLAN, as the app uses several pieces of data in that plat.
  • In PrivateKeys.cs set the value of WuApiKey to your Weather Underground API Key.

Google Maps API key (Android)

To use location services in the Android version of XWeather, you’ll need to obtain a Google Maps API key.

  • Follow the step-by-step guide to obtain a Google Maps API key.
  • In PrivateKeys.cs set the value of GoogleMapsApiKey to your Weather Underground API Key.

Visual Studio Mobile Center (optional)

Mobile Center is the amalgamation of HockeyAppXamarin Test CloudXamarin Insights, and a bunch of new services like automated builds. It is a single platform to manage all aspects of continuous integration and continuous deployment, including buildtestdistributioncrash reporting, and analytics.

Setting up Mobile Center is completely optional. If you’d like to use it, you can set it up by following the steps listed below. However, if you’d rather skip this step for now, simply leave the two values of AppSecret as empty strings.

  • Register for new a Mobile Center account (or login using GitHub, Microsoft, or an existing Mobile Center account)
  • Create a new app for both iOS and Android
  • In PrivateKeys.cs set the two values of AppSecret your new iOS and Android app’s respective App Secrets.

Visual Studio Mobile Center

This app uses Mobile Center for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, by taking advantage of the functionality provided by each of the following “beacons”.


Each time someone commits new code to this repo, Mobile Center’s Build beacon automatically builds and distributes a new version for iOS and Android.


Mobile Center’s Test beacon moves the power of Xamarin Test Cloud to run UI tests on real devices into a single dashboard.


Once a new version of XWeather successfully builds and passes all tests, Mobile Center’s Distribute beacon deploys the pre-release version a selected group of beta testers.

Crash Reporting

All of HockeyApp’s crash reporting features were included in Mobile Center’s Crashes beacon, including real-time details and stack traces from crashes that happen “in the wild”.


Finally, the app uses Mobile Center’s Analytics beacon to monitor and record information about the app’s user base as well as custom events.

Visit Github for all the details you may need to build your XWeather app for iOS and Android.

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